The Fellowship of Christ

Sabbath Services: The Gospel of Jesus Christ

Sabbath Services: The Gospel of Jesus Christ


March 18, 2023    
All Day

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“Elder Pelatiah Brown, one of the wisest old heads we have among us… was hauled up for trial before the High Council. I did not like the old man being called up for erring in doctrine; it looks too much like ​the Methodists, and not like ​the Latter Day Saints… I want the liberty of thinking and believing as I please; it feels so good not to be trammeled.” -Joseph Smith, Jr. April 8, 1843

Suggestions for your worship service:


Opening Scripture: 2 Corinthians 5:17-19

Announcements/Prayer Requests: Please see this calendar and open the floor for prayer requests.

Opening Hymn: (TBA)

Opening Prayer: (TBA)


Shema: “Shema Ysrael, YHVH Eloheinu, YHVH echad” ~ Hear O Isreal: YHVH is our Elohim, YHVH is Unity.”

The English is then repeated back by the congregation.

Message: (TBA)

Topic: The Gospel of Jesus Christ


Statement on Communion: (TBA)

Communion Prayers: (TBA)


Thanks: (TBA)

Closing Hymn: (TBA)

Closing Prayer: (TBA)

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